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Brooch and Pins

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Degas inspired two-ballerina brooch $90
Size: 1.6" x 1.6"

Inspired by "Ballet at the Paris Opera" 1876-1877, by Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917). From the Art Institute of Chicago's department of prints and drawings.
24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter.

Dove with Olive branch brooch $60
Size: 1.2" x 1.1"

The Dove is the classic representative of peace, a symbol of the great flood, when it brought an olive branch to Noah.
24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter.

Egyptian enameled Bird brooch $45
Size: 1" X 0.75"

The enameled gold bird brooch is from a colorful scene that represents offerings in a tomb at Biban el Moluk.
Enameled 24 Karat antique gold plate over pewter. Inspired by images in the Italian book "Monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nubia", by Ippolito Rosallini which is part of the Brooklyn Museum of Art Library Collection.
Enameled 24 karat antique gold plate over pewter.

Egyptian Lotus brooch, blue/turquoise enamel $53
Size: 1 x 5/8

The lotus rises in the morning from the muddy waters to flower and is therefore a symbol of purity, resurrection, and perfect beauty.
In Egyptian mythology, Horus, the newborn sun, rose from the lotus leaves.
This flower symbolizes royalty, emblem of Upper Egypt, as the throne of Isis, Nepthys and Osiris.
Enameled 24K antique gold plate over pewter.

Enameled Butterfly brooch $53
Size: 1.25" x 0.7"

Inspired by the French designer Eugene Alaine Seguy. From the Brooklyn Museum Library Collection, Seguy's "Insects" (1928).
Enameled 24 karat antique gold over pewter.

Enameled butterfly brooch, mustard/black $57
Size: 1" x 0.75"

The enchanting butterfly is depicted throughout history as a symbol of ever lasting joy, hope and renewal.
Our colorful brooch is crafted in 24 karat antique gold-plate over enameled pewter.

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